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Why the name “DeMoor”?

We all have a story to share, and our story is part of a bigger story: history. Including our family history. Knowing and understanding where we come from is important. Seth, the company’s founder, always focuses on improving his own story (DeMoor), but more importantly the story of the runners he meets on YouTube, at races, and up in the high country of Colorado. The progression of sharing his story on YouTube since 2016, to the founding of a running gear company, was not clear from the outset. Over many miles, group runs, and vlogs, a brand was born, DeMoor Global Running (DGR). 

A side benefit of running onward and upward with the name “DeMoor”, which became clear after the fact, is that we runners are seeking more from this life. We’re unique characters, awaking at who knows when to witness more sunrises on a single track trail. Although balance is key, we runners yearn for Moor miles, vertical, and starting lines, which we fully embrace within the “DeMoor” ethos! And the “M” just screams mountain, come get your vertical! 

Where is DeMoor Global located?

The DeMoor headquarters is located at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in Denver, Colorado. This location allows for ideal gear testing opportunities in the warm urban environment of Denver, and the sometimes frigid high alpine environments of Colorado’s fifty eight 14ers; that’s right, we base our company operations on the doorstep of 58 mountains that rise above 14,000 feet! 

Why made in the USA?

Yes, we strive to create and develop all of our gear and products here in the USA. Jobs for our neighbors are at the heart of our running gear mission. Without a good-paying job, it's hard to complete those weekend-long runs. We are currently working with two companies, one in California, and another here in Colorado, to develop our own running hats, which is actually a very difficult product to produce – the brim is challenging to manufacture. As we develop hats here in the USA, we will work with one international company. Yes, we’re all in on America. Bottom line, we don't want you to question where your running gear comes from.

Three reasons Made in USA: 

 1) Quality control

The fact that our products are made close to home means we can talk in person with our producers and go inspect the gear with our own two hands. 

 2) Worker rights

The dignity of the human person stands at the front of our company’s mission. Labor costs are much cheaper overseas, compared to here in the United States, which pads the pockets of many running companies' bank accounts, executives, and investors back here in the USA. DeMoor Global will never attempt to add extra profits on the backs of strained socio economic or political conditions around the world. 

 3) Sustainability

Rather than shipping the gear across the world on boats and planes (fuel) from the production facility to our headquarters, and then shipping again out to runners around the world (more fuels), we cut out that first step. This is especially relevant early (2023) in the company’s growth when 90% of our sales are right here in the USA. Keeping it simple and local is ingrained in our company culture.

Product care:

We design and construct products that require less maintenance and can handle the rigors of high-intensity workouts. However, once the running gear leaves us and is in your hands, it’s up to you to train hard and care hard for it. Cleaning your product in the right way is a big part of making sure it lasts for as long as possible, which minimizes its impact. When in doubt, check the care label on the garment itself for wash instructions as these vary per fabric.

Note on high end micro-fibers in our gear: washing your gear on a delicate cycle can produce more micro-fibers, so we recommend using a guppy bag for your synthetics to prevent micro-fiber shedding. We are working on transitioning to fabrics like premium grade, tightly woven nylons that shed less micro-fibers in the wash but this is an inevitability of using synthetics.

We will continue to research and develop DeMoor running gear that can be worn more and washed less. Our team does suggest hang drying whenever possible. Many of our fabrics are made to dry quickly and will do so when hung. This will reduce energy consumption and very likely prolong the lifespan of your gear.

Quick Tips:

  1. Wash inside out
  2. Wash with similar colors
  3. Do not use softener
  4. Do not dry clean
  5. Do not tumble dry on high heat
  6. Do not iron
  7. Promptly remove from wash to hang dry

How do I become the first to know about new DeMoor gear releases?

Our runners will continue to test and brainstorm for new designs and better features. As these iterations go live on the site, here are the best ways, in order, to be notified:

  1. Become a member of DeMoor Global Running on YouTube
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter (bottom of this page)
  3. Follow DGR on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Run into Seth up on a 14,000 foot mountain!

Is DeMoor hiring?

Not yet, but stay tuned on this FAQ page for job postings, and follow our company on LinkedIn

Can I purchase DeMoor gear in running stores?

We will continue to "work hard" for the day our gear is in local running stores across the country. First, we will focus on Colorado, to remain true to our “shop local” vision within the company’s brand and mission. 

In the near future, we plan to have a distributor in the UK and Europe! We are open to working with runners in Europe if you have any key running shoe store connections across the pond.

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